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WELCOME TO VET VALET - In Home Euthanasia Services


When you are facing the most difficult decision possible for your pet (and more truly, family member), our team is here to provide comfort, empathetic care, and a peaceful, humane passing.

Founded by Dr. Valerie in 2023, Vet Valet was born from her experience performing euthanasias in a clinical setting, and the loss of her own precious cat. She is driven to provide a more comfortable, at home alternative to a clinical setting for pets and their families.

As a co-founder, Will shares the belief that working as a team provides you and your pet with the best possible experience at a trying time. He is driven to constantly improve our euthanasia service in order to provide the highest level of care throughout the process.

We believe that In Home Euthanasia is more peaceful alternative to clinical euthanasia. Providing your pet the gift of passing in their own home, surrounded by their loved ones gives them dignity at the end of their life. In Home Euthanasia also allows you to make many choices to increase the comfort of your pet and family, honoring the bond that has developed between you.

At Vet Valet, each pet and family are treated with respect and understanding for their unique needs. Acting in your pet's best interest is at the heart of what we do. Their care, as well as yours is our top priority.

The loss of a pet is one of the most difficult things you can experience. We are here to support your pet and your family every step of the way.

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